• Q  -  How do I get content from the WAP site?  >

  • Firstly, check that your phone supports WAP and that your phone is set up properly. Browse on your phone to, find the content that you want and select it. You'll then be prompted to confirm your purchase. Once confirmed you'll be directed to your personal downloads screen. Select the item to download.

  • Q  -  How do I download content via SMS?  >

  • If you have a printed catalogue of MTN Play content, you can get your content by SMSing the content's unique code to 3784. If your phone is compatible with the content it will be sent to your phone. If not, you'll receive a message to let you know that you have not been billed.

  • Q  -  How do I download content on the MTN web site?  >

  • Once you have found the content you want, click on the item's preview button and then click on BUY and follow the instructions. A check is done to see whether you can buy content, and if successful, we direct you to the WAP site so that you can download it.
  • Q  -  If I can not download the full track who do I contact?  >

  • First check that your phone supports full track downloads, in your phone's user manual or My Phone. If your phone is compatible but you experience problems, you can contact the Customer Service Centre on 456 from an MTN line.

    How do I get MTN Play ?

    There are different ways to get content.
  • Q  -  How do I get MTN Play ?  >
  • There are several ways to get MTN Play. You can visit the web site at or log on . If you would like to get MTN Play via your cell phone you can visit the WAP site at You can also use SMS by sending keywords to 3784. You can use the USSD channel as well *822# and choose which content to purchase.
  • Q  -  If I didn't get my content, who do I call for help?
  • Click on contact us on the top of the site or e-mail us on or dial 456 from an MTN cell phone.
  • Q  -  Transaction History?
  • Customers can view a list of all the services they have subscribed to or they can contact Customer Services.
  • Q  -  How do I download content via USSD?
  • Dial *822#. A menu will be sent to your phone and you will be able to select your content, based on the corresponding number on the menu.

    * There is no bearer charge for dialling *822#. You only pay for the downloaded content.
  • Q  -  How much does it cost?
  • There is a cost of the actual content you're buying. Each content item is priced individually, but as a rule you can expect to pay:

    Monophonic ringtone – 200Rwf
    Polyphonic ringtone – 300Rwf
    TrueTone ringtone – 600Rwf
    Video (stream) – 20Rwf
    Video (download) – 1,000Rwf
    Games – 850Rwf
    SMS Monthly subscription – 1,800Rwf